Lappy is a Free Utility Application for Family Safety Lappy for all Android

Lappy* is available presently for Android Devices only and by invitation for selected users till the full free version is launched. You can eamil us on if you would like to try Lappy and help us make it better.

Understand your Child's Location Activity Location Tracking & Analysis

Understand the location activity of your children by putting together the places they travel to and at the same time get alerts whenever a new location is added. Keep track of the time spent at each location on a daily or weekly basis. Label locations to rate their importance and set mobile activity at such locations.

Be Aware of your Childs device Usage Application Monitoring

Track the application usage of your children and monitor which applications they use most. Get alerts on probable unsafe applications and excessive usage based on set limits. Create responses for Children to become more responsible and aware of their activity.

Feel Safe Child Safety First

Get informed whenever any kind of unusual activity takes place on the childs' phone including turning GPS off, low battery, new application installation etc. Set separate routines for examination periods making children use less of certain applications and limiting certain activities.

Be Proactive and Support your Child Social Media

Our technology uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and keep track of social media activities for the child. Alerts are sent to Parents if anything unusual is suspected.