FAQ’s | Lappy For Retailers

  1. What devices does Lappy work on?
    Lappy works on Android devices version 4.4 onwards
  2. Is Lappy applicable only for business use? 
    Lappy is avilable for both individual and business use. Individuals can download Lappy to track themselves and others who they would like to keep a track of. 
  3. What are the differences between the features available for individuals and business houses?
    The family version of Lappy is available for free, while the business houses have to pay a premium cost to activate features like generation of reports, send messages to common groups and keep a track of their field personnel and meet their other needs
  4. How should one resubscribe to Lappy?
    Once the subscription for Lappy expires, the User needs to contact the partners and make the payment to activate Lappy on their devices. 
  5. What is multi-device code?
    The multi- device code is a code that is generated on installation of Lappy. The multi-device code can be used to connect and add members to a group whose location can then be tracked.
  6. How to add members to the group? 
    The admin can add members to an existing group by sending the multi-device code.
  7. What are the different reports that can be generated using Lappy?
    Through Lappy one can keep a track of the time spent in a location, the route map travelled, track their movement etc. On the basis of this data collected, Lappy can be used to analyse the data and generate reports like Attendance, payroll, time sheet etc.