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Lappy for Individuals

Security of individuals has become a huge concern in today’s world. With the crime rates increasing and the media providing round the clock news updates, the market is in need of a tool that can make people feel safe and confident. This is where Lappy helps!!

Lappy has been designed to keep a track of the location details, browsing history and contacts of individuals to provide a one stop safety mechanism and network for the entire family and other community groups. Through this, the User will be able to track and keep a watchful eye on his/her family member, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbours and ensure safety of all.

Through Lappy, one can:
1. Share location safety information
2. Volunteer to help others in case they need any Emergency Assistance
3. Help other friends in need at times of Emergency when listed as an Emergency Contact
4. Create an Emergency Contact list for critical situations & send alert in case required
5. Report & Share anonymous violations in the society including Traffic violations
6. Create responses for Children to become more responsible and aware of their activity
7. Monitor and keep track of social media activities for the child
8. Set separate routines for examination periods making children use less of certain applications and limiting certain activities