Uses of Lappy | Lappy Safety Technology

Uses of Lappy

  1. The app highlights the travel path of the User on a map.
  2. Users can register other devices by entering multiple device codes. This allows the Users’ trusted contacts to keep a track of their current location, places they travel to, places visited, time spent and at the same time get alerts whenever a new location is added.
  3.  Lappy can be used to monitor and track travel details for the day, travel history, nearest emergency services, message contacts from the same locality to enhance safety experience.
  4. The advanced features of Lappy allows Business Users to monitor attendance, prepare payroll and attendance reports, track field personnel in addition to also providing insurance to the field staff at subsidized rates
  5.  Lappy, labels locations to rate their importance and set mobile activity at such locations.
  6.  Lappy provides information when there is any kind of unusual activity on the phone including turning GPS off, low battery, new application installation etc.
  7.  Lappy also provides a simple mechanism to alert verified users in the same vicinity who can be contacted at the time of need. The local network identifies Users from similar geographic area who can come together if need be.
  8.  Lappy reduces Administrative and Management cost by doing away with human errors and bias and verifying records and data providing validated reports.