Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions- F.A.Q

1. What is Lappy Messenger?

Lappy is a Location Based Messaging Service, that helps users to communicate with other members of the community around their location without sharing their contact details or phone number.

2. How Can I benefit from Lappy?

Lappy allows users to get information about events, updates and community related information happening around you.

3. Where can I download Lappy?

Lappy is presently available only for Android devices and can be downloaded via PlayStore by using the following link:

4. Is Lappy a Free Service for Users?

Yes, lappy is a Free to Use service for all users, volunteers and community members.

5. I would like to get all my community memebers connected via Lappy, is it possible to create a dedicated group for us?

Yes, please use the following form and send us the details about your community and we shall try to create a group for you soon.

6. How can I invite my community members to join lappy and see our community group?

You can invite your community members or friends via Whatsapp or SMS by sharing the following link

Once they register on Lappy they shall automatically be able to see the community groups for your location. if any member needs to become a verified SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for your community then they can fill the SPOC registration form and we complete the process after verification of their details.

7. Is it possible to create a group for my business?

Yes, you can create a group for your retail outlet or consumer business by filling the form below. We shall contact you for more information and confirm the details with you.