Retailer Benefits with Lappy

A Retailer gets the following advantages with Lappy to attract new Customers and maintain existing ones.

Ads Register Ads Classic Ads Silver Ads Gold
Business Profile on Lappy Basic Premium Premium Premium
App to Profile Updates
Online Ads Promotion
(Impressions including Google, Facebook, Instagram and other sites)
50,000-100,000 100,000-250,000 200,000-550,000
Online Ads Clicks 500-2,000 1,000-4,800 2,000-11,000
Radius Targeting
Product Updates One time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Product Messages One time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Information Sharing (App to Web) Real time Real time Real time
Pricing Free Rs. 14,999 p.a. incl. GST
Rs. 29,999 p.a. incl. GST
Rs. 59,999 p.a. incl. GST
Pay as per Package

  • Leverage on the market opportunities interacting directly with the customers through Private and Group messaging feature of Lappy.
  • Build greater visibility and Brand awareness, bringing in new customers thus increasing sales.
  • Segment the market based on location creating actionable meaningful strategies suitable to the target customers enhancing profitability.
  • Be the direct point of contact and point of sale to the customers.
  • Increase customer loyalty through structured tailor made interactions based on customer demography and location.
  • Reduce operational cost and generate effective leads.
  • Provide better insight about the company, its products, designs, new arrivals and so on creating an online presence for the establishment optimizing better customer engagement.
  • Collaborate with social and commercial outlets within the community.
  • Motivate customers to visit the store.