What makes Lappy different from other apps!! | Lappy For Retailers

Why Lappy!!!!!

The location based tool provides credibility for resident and employees to post messages without the need to be apprehensive about security.

Lappy allows only individuals in the particular location to enter common groups.

Location alongside the need to register with company ID’s further authenticate the app making it a reliable choice for communication. This secure feature of the app provides Users the right confidence to build both personal and professional bonds with other individuals all located in the same location across different companies as well.

-Lappy for

  a) Resident Welfare Association:

An RWA consists of a group of individuals residing in a vicinity who share the same public amenities. An RWA is formed to cater to various needs of the society from development of infrastructure and public services, to its maintenance, raising complaints and other matters of public interest.

Communication and Networking build the foundation and success of an RWA. Posting messages and staying connected to the members is a common problem faced by its members.

Lappy helps solve this very problem!!

Lappy’s location software automatically picks up the individuals who share the same location and displays all the active groups specific to the area. The individuals can choose to join the groups based on his interest and build connections. RWA’s can post information on the chat wall enabling easy communication.

Lappy only allows individuals in the same locality to join the group enabling safety and efficiency in networking. Once an individual leaves the locality his details will be displayed in a different color allowing other Users to understand that he no longer resides in their location, eventually terminating the User from the group.

 b) Business Parks:

Business Parks are commercial spaces that provide a number of facilities to companies all in a designated area of space.

The Business parks cater to all the requirements of the business houses from infrastructure, commercial, retail, food, ATM, gyms, security, ambulance service and so on.

Every business park is usually spread across several sq mtrs and every business park’s success depends on the efficiency with which they provide the services to the companies located in their park. Every park will have an approximate 100 companies with each company having 100 or so employees. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have appropriate channels of communication for smooth functioning of all services so that the demand can be met efficiently.

Lappy provides the right mode for communication as the app works on location and connects employees of all companies and the admin, security, maintenance staff all under one roof.

The business houses/employees can belong to multiple groups like:

  1. External Groups
  • All Companies can post messages under a common platform
  • All admin, support staff can stay connected all time and communicate across locations.
  • Suggestions, feedback can be provided with ease.
  • Retailers and vendors can provide information and post offers and promos on the chat wall.
  1. Internal groups
  • Companies can create internal groups with the HR being the admin to post messages specific only to their employees
  • Employees across the globe can stay connected on a common group by registering their official ids.
  • Employees can post messages and connect across departments promoting networking and socializing.

The HR will be the admin of the group responsible for over viewing the entry and exit of all employees. Once an employee exits the firm, the registered ID will seize to exist and the User will be terminated from the group.

All Users can also create groups based on common interests, queries, recreation needs, and so on like;

  • Eat and Dine
  • Recommendations/ Suggestions
  • Yoga and Retreat
  • Recruitment
  • Sports
  • Recreation
  • Nature lovers
  • Old age homes
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Fitness
  • Religious institutions
  • Schools, colleges, tuitions
  • Public services
  • Utilities
  • Parent/New age mothers/Teenager
  • Recommendations
  • Real Estate
  • Health/ Medical services
  • Weekend groups
  • Offers and Promos
  • Emergencies
  • Support groups