Security of individuals has become a huge concern in today’s world. With the crime rates increasing and the media providing round the clock news updates, the market is in need of a tool that can make people feel safe and confident. This is where Lappy helps!!

Lappy has been designed to keep a track of the location details, browsing history and contacts of individuals to provide a one stop safety mechanism and network for the entire family and other community groups. Through this, the User will be able to track and keep a watchful eye on his/her family member, friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbours and ensure safety of all.

Through Lappy one can;

  • Check in at different locations and keep a track of the location history
  • Post their thoughts, emotions, experiences anonymously on the Lappy wall based on the Location
  • Create networks and build platforms to discuss topics of common interest
  • Record the location and time spent by the Users over a period of time to measure the genuineness of the Individual before allowing them on the group enhancing the safety of individuals.
  • Develop communication
  • Receive Alerts, Notifications and Suggestions that could be useful for them based on their notes added at several locations
  • Find events nearby
  • Finding friends nearby
  • Find deals on offers
  • Post queries
  • Inter-Intra communication
  • Send private and group messages