Lappy Features | Lappy Location Messenger

  • Leverage on the market opportunities interacting directly with the customers through Private and Group messaging feature of Lappy.
  • Build greater visibility and Brand awareness, bringing in new customers thus increasing sales.
  • Segment the market based on location creating actionable meaningful strategies suitable to the target customers enhancing profitability.
  • Be the direct point of contact and point of sale to the customers.
  • Increase customer loyalty through structured tailor made interactions based on customer demography and location.
  • Reduce operational cost and generate effective leads.
  • Provide better insight about the company, its products, designs, new arrivals and so on creating an online presence for the establishment optimizing better customer engagement.
  • Collaborate with social and commercial outlets within the community.
  • Motivate customers to visit the store.

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A Retailer gets the following advantages with Lappy to attract new Customers and maintain existing ones.

Ads Register Ads Classic Ads Silver Ads Gold
Retailer Profile on Lappy Basic Premium Premium Premium
App to Profile Updates
Online Ads Promotion
(Impressions including Google, Facebook, Instagram and other sites)
50,000-100,000 100,000-250,000 200,000-550,000
Online Ads Clicks 500-2,000 1,000-4,800 2,000-11,000
Radius Targeting
Product Updates One time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Product Messages One time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Information Sharing (App to Web) Real time Real time Real time

A good community is built on a collaborative framework involving key partnerships with individual members of the community, social and commercial establishments, department of education, schools and so on.

This is where Lappy comes in!!

Lappy Provides Customers:

o   A platform to reach commercial establishments directly through the private and group messaging feature.

o   Up to date reliable information as the Retail representatives themselves post information and reciprocate to the customer inquiries.

o   Better insight about the company

Lappy Provides Retailers:

o   Platform to collaborate with social and commercial outlets within the community.

o   Innovative personal selling experience posting information on products, designs, new arrivals and so on creating an online presence for the establishment optimizing better customer engagement.

o   Create Brand Awareness

o   Develop networking

Lappy Provides sustainable setting for Delivering Information.

Lappy Empowers Users with necessary information and services to make informed choices and take timely measures.

Lappy Provides Motivates Customers to visit the store and build customer loyalty.

As a Retail Referee, you will be responsible to:

  1. Refer Lappy and its benefits to your Brand Retail Outlets.
  2. Bring the Retail outlets onboard to use the app and profile them.
  3. Engage Retailers to Promote their Products Online through the app.
  4. Be a Referee and enhance store experience by directly connecting Retailers and Customers.
  5. Motivate Retailers, Brand Promotors and their team to post information and Stay Active Online.

Please fill the Brand Referee Spoc Form here to get Started now. As a Referee SPOC you and your Retailer would be entitled for a Referral Bonus that shall be directly credited to your account. Please fill the Registration Form and get Started.

Terms & Conditions for Referal:

  1. When your reference signs up or subscribes as the Retailer/ Brand Outlet on Lappy , you will  earn a Referal Bonus .
  2. The Spoc has to complete the Onboarding Process for their Brand Retailer/ Outlet.
  3. All the necessary reward payments will only  be made once the Referee brings the retail outlet onboard Lappy and the subsequent onboard formalities and payment have been made towards subscription.
  4. The referral Spoc will receive a reference code that can be availed to earn the reward while making the payment.
  5. The newly subscribed retail outlet will be given joining benefits like additional impressions, better promotional offers, discounts and other perks upto a period of one month.
  6. In case Lappy finds any fraudulent claims, we reserve the right to remove the SPOC and deny any payment.
  7. All the Spocs shall abide by the rules of the Referral Program. Not abiding by the rules & Lappy terms and conditions will result in Breach and the Management can take appropriate action for the same.
  8. Lappy reserves the right to amend the referral program clauses from time to time as per discretion.