A new age marketers’ tools have to include curated events in it. Lappy can help you do that. Having tie-ups with some of the biggest brands under its belt, Lappy can help you go that extra mile to organize an event around your community and target the intended market.

Seminars, Talk-shows, or Hybridized Networking events; Lappy will assist you with setting up High Impact Events for your brand.

How will such events help?

Curated events are a consistent method to make sure your consumers don’t forget you. It’s not the latest marketing fad, a buzzword and nor is it a new breakthrough marketing strategy

A form of experiential marketing, Lappy will help you create curated events that are recurring with which your brand gets  associated. You can either be organizing them or become A PRIME SPONSOR!

These events are like your secret fighters. They put your brand’s name in the consumers’ minds and before you know it, your consumers begin to associate the event as part of your brand.

It’s a simple marketing tool that will help any brand or retailer or company to connect with the target audience and inculcate a better brand recall.

Organizing a one-off event will not do much for brand recall as the regularity of the event is what ensures the brands stays in the consumers’ minds. The regularity in the events also helps to maintain the existing consumer base and adding to it.

Why does it work?

1.The more they see you, the more they know you
Such events lend a visibility that nothing else can. The visibility is also tangible to some extent as you can see how many people came for your event and general vibe at the event about the brand.

2.Total (brand) recall

If you are organizing a recurring event (and you nail it) chances are that the event will be known by the name of your brand.

3.Getting the right impact

The impact of an offline event is much more since there is personal interaction involved. One can play around as to what message needs to be conveyed.

You can launch a new product/line/flavor, you can take feedback from the audience present, you can even announce a new development like a new logo or new name.

Curated events have been there forever but now is the time to focus on them!!