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How Lappy Helps Retailers Build Community & Grow Sales!

Being a part of the community can be a bigger driver in Retail  sales than an ad in the newspaper or a billboard along the highway!

We understand that in today’s highly shifting times Retail businesses are under strain. The retailer’s survival depends on the customers in the town or city buying from them. This is a simple truth. Lappy enables Independent retailers to become part of the community in which they serve.

Customers want to support the business that supports their community. They want to buy from retailers who give back to the community.

Apart from the big On-Line Surge; in the recent times we are getting used to the big national & international brands coming into town and running the local stores out of business. We tend to chalk this up to better buying power. But the truth is, if the store is “owned” by the community, they will protect it from the big box store. The best way to do that is to make your store and its employees part of the “family” of your town. You need to wow your customers and exceed their expectations because when you do, they will pay more and shop more!