LAPPY FOR BUSINESS | Lappy For Retailers


  • Build networks and communication channels
  • Reduces overtime
  • Manage employees
  • Record Time and Attendance
  • Task management
  • Monitor delivery
  • Enables promotion
  • Dispatch responses according to location
  • Provides access to reports on their mobile devices
  • Remain secure
  • Analyse and report data
  • Increase transparency
  • Retrieve data
  • Industries can identify the patterns of the customers based on their previous purchase and travel and accordingly suggest packages and offers

Today the Success of any business is in keeping their Workforce Motivated.
What does it take to motivate our work force? With all the technologies available we are still trying our best to enhance the performance of our bottom 50%. With Lappy you can assist them more efficiently and help them perform with clearer goals.

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Real-time tracking
Mobile apps
History and reports
Route Tracks
Check In & Out
Battery Saving
Export Reports
Pricing FREE Rs. 1,999 p.a.+18% GST

Rs. 4,999 p.a.+18% GST

Rs. 19,999 p.a.+18% GST

Rs. 29,999 p.a.+18% GST

Businesses monitor & analyze more for greater success and reduced costs.We have seen several success stories where businesses have been able to reduce their field staff costs by 25% with the use of Lappy technology and at the same time Increased their service levels extensively by visiting the right clients and spending appropriate time with them.

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