Testimonials | Lappy For Retailers


“Keeping a track of field personnel was always a tedious process which required high investment in terms of time and money. Lappy has replaced this process by providing a technology that enables monitoring and supervision without the need to be physically present at the spot. If someone is looking to yield high returns on very little investment, Lappy is the tool to invest on”.

–  Director, Mumbai based Security Agency

“If you believe in working smart over working hard, install Lappy, a security analytics software that provides multiple features to cater to different needs of the Business. Location tracking, monitoring, attendance management, time management, report generation can all be done under one roof. Along with these features, Lappy also provides insurance cover to the field staff at a very concise rate which is a real boon to a company having more than 500 field staff. Lappy has surely been the tool we were looking for to minimize out cost and become more effective in our approach to work”.

–  General Manager, Delhi based Security Agency

“Lappy is a platform that provides a range of solutions to various business needs that involve location tracking, monitoring, report generation etc. The tool certainly adds value to any business and is user friendly”.

–  CEO, Bangalore based Security Agency

“Ever since we have started using Lappy, the mistakes and bias caused by human interference has reduced. Accurate report generation provided a clear picture of the everyday activities thus reducing time and cost and making the business more economical”.

– VP, Chennai based Security Agency

“Lappy makes everyday business easy and less complex. It surely is a notable investment that understands the essence of the market and constantly updates its features to meet the growing demand”.

– Director, Chandigarh based Security Agency

“This software helps us keep track of the guards and understand if the responsibilities assigned to them have been executed or not. The data collected and analysed provides an innovative approach to carry out traditional methods of record keeping and report generation which is very beneficial to the Business”.

– Manager, Hyderabad based Security Agency

“Location tracking is the highlight of the software. Lappy has helped our Business to become more effective, increasing the speed of our deliverable and providing a simple mechanism that meets various demands of the business“.

– Executive Director, Bangalore based Security Agency

“Lappy surely makes tracking and monitoring more accountable and feasible with multiple features available in one app that has helped us meet various levels of our business needs“.

-CEO, Delhi based Security Agency