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Uses of Lappy

1. Socialising/Welfare: Individuals in a particular location will be able to build bonds based on common topic of interests with ease.

2. Supervision: Lappy has made supervision of employees more accurate and easy. The reports generated are particularly helpful to keep a track on the duration and the time spent by the field staff at a place and accordingly calculate the cost. Lappy combines artificial intelligence with security analytics, providing an innovative approach to traditional methods of tracking and monitoring field staff personnel. The tool helps Companies reduce their cost by 20% resulting in higher profit margin.

3. Sales and Delivery: Lappy provides the right tools for increasing the speed of deliverables and providing a simple mechanism that makes supervision easy, accountable and feasible with multiple features available in one app. Chat messages can be sent on groups for easy communication and effective delivery.

4. Promotion: The Location analytics tools monitor and analyze networks by analyzing such a wide range of location based events that the organizations and Individuals easily be notified of various events taking place in their locality.

5. Chat wall: The location based chat groups enables users to chat and build networks with other users in the same locality thus building community interaction. Lappy allows Users only from a particular location to join the groups. If a User is present in multiple groups based on his location history, and the User is not present in the same location as the rest of the group members, and he wishes to communicate on the group, the messages will be displayed in a different colour. The chat option provides a networking platform where like minded individuals can post their thoughts and stay proactive at all times.

This model of Lappy is especially useful for the young crowd as they can share their experiences immediately and tag their location.Individuals spending more time at a particular mall, restaurant can be identified and networks can be built to develop engagement and social networking.

         For example

  • Students from the same college will be able to connect through Lappy and share their thoughts on one platform officially and unofficially/ formally and informally. College events, lectures, notes , experiences can be posted on a common wall that can be viewed by only Users present in that very college.
  • A User may visit a Place of Leisure and click the Check-in button, and share his/her experience, what he liked about the place and so on.
  • College/School Alumni will be able to stay connected in groups.
  • Users can provide information of events, exhibitions, activities of common interest to the public based on their location.Further, individuals attending a particular event will able to view other users attending.
  • A group of vendors, wholesalers in a particular location can come on a common platform to discuss ideas that can help increase their sale and business.Wholesalers and retailers can get the information of all the local producers under one platform and accordingly reduce the turnaround time increasing efficiency.